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Exercise Your Love

By Joe Esposito – Co-Founding Pastor - Missio Dei Community

The sheer number of homeless in Pinellas County can be a bit overwhelming, but that cannot keep us from engaging. Yet, even if we wanted to, we simply cannot give money to everyone who asks us—it just isn’t a sustainable practice. Should this prevent us from helping just one however? How about two? And what constitutes help anyway? Should we give cash? How about food? Does this encourage people to remain homeless when they could choose otherwise?

Even those who choose to engage, often have very different strategies about how they will. Many, recognizing the sheer difficulty and nuanced nature of the conversation simply choose to avoid it altogether. And who can blame them? The multi-faceted, complicated nature of this discussion can drive even the most committed away. And yet, I would like to suggest that this is the biggest mistake we can make as both singular persons and as a collective community. It is a mistake that leads us to paralysis. It is a mistake that leads us to ambivalence and beyond.

So here is my simple advice: Engage. Even if you are unsure about the best way to do so, engage. Do something, not nothing! Get involved in a local effort to provide bag lunches to the working poor of your city. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen. Listen to the stories of those who have found themselves in a position that belies their humanity.

Many think that loving our neighbor is a taxing and tough enterprise. And it is true. It is not easy. But contrary to what you might think, love does not diminish. Much like a muscle in the human body, the more you exercise it, the stronger it grows. Our capacity to love grows with our involvement. Start with a little, and soon, more will follow. Get involved. Become conversant. Learn more and you shall love more.