Suffering & Prayer

This past Sunday I spoke on prayer. I talked about how one of the biggest reasons we don’t like praying is that we have no idea what God does with our prayers.

I skimmed through three deeply theological ideas (which I’ll be blogging on in the near future) about God’s power and how our understanding of God’s power changes the way we pray.

In the midst of all the theological jargon I wanted to make one thing clear; when we experience pain, our prayers usually lack theological correctness but gain an emotional essence otherwise void. When my rich theological words don’t help me, suffering usually brings me home.

For my sister C.C. the same was true. She wrote the following words while in rehab,

Over the last week or so I have become more spiritual. I never have really believed in God, I have, however, always believed there was something watching over me. Recently I have been relying also on that thing. I found myself praying last night.  I haven’t prayed in probably 2 years. I am convinced however that someone or something is watching over me; God only knows I should be in jail or dead by now. Instead I’ve been rescued, given a place to stay, food to eat, a bed to sleep in, and been offered help and I have not picked up a single drug in 12 days. Which is a miracle in it self.

May God meet you where God met CC and even Jesus, in the darkest of places…

Suffering & Prayer

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