Holy Week or Protest Week?

In a provocative and inspirational blog post, David Henson offers an interesting take on Holy Week that has never rung more true in my theological journey. Check out these opening words, then head over to his blog to read the rest!

“…if we want to follow our Savior through Holy Week, if we want to experience Holy Week in a way that reflects our Savior’s own experiences during that first holy week, then we won’t find ourselves in a pew, in a church, in a service.

We would find ourselves in the streets. In anger. In protest. In search of justice.

Just like Jesus.

So what if this year we re-enacted Holy Week rather than merely remembering it? What if this year we were to act like Jesus instead of simply worshipping him? What if this year we renamed Holy Week for what it truly was and should be?

Resistance Week.
Justice Week.
Protest Week.”

Finish reading the blog post on David Henson’s blog, HERE.

Holy Week or Protest Week?

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