A Sustainable Faith

In preparation for our upcoming conference, A Sustainable Faith, I will be blogging through the theme of the event, “ecology, incarnation and the interconnectedness of all.”  It’s going to be an amazing conversation with some awesome thinkers, authors, pastors, professors, friends and activists.

A few highlights:

Andy Bell – The Psychological and Spiritual Impacts of Climate Change: How to Survive the Converging Crises

Ana Yelsi – Toxic Environment: The Commodification of Women and the Violence that Follows

Kip Curtis/Joe Esposito – Cultivating Resilience: Food, Faith, and Community in St. Petersburg 

John Creasy – Practical Permaculture: Living off Your Lawn for the Sake of The Kingdom

Not to mention Brian McLaren, Tripp Fuller, Doug Pagitt, Bernice Jackson and so many more engaging practitioners.

This is a crucial conversation for the church and we hope you will join us for only $49! And if you can pay that, contact us (info@themissiodei.com) and we’ll get you in for less.

Bring a friend, bring a bible, bring a notepad, and bring your braniac full of ideas to share.
Also, join us on Thursday night for a lecture by Brian McLaren at Eckkerd or with Tripp Fuller on Hell! Pick one and let us know where you’re headed – there may be something special waiting for you.

A Sustainable Faith

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