Keep Being Awesome!

This past Sunday was a rough morning; I didn’t get much sleep because of the ASF conference and felt like I had just run a marathon.

Tired as can be, I let the computer help ease my morning drudge, and as I sat in a trance fixing the slide show Randy walked in the front door. With his hair combed (a rarity if you know him) and a raspy voice he hollered out to me, “Good morning Greg!” It always makes me happy to see such vibrancy in his face, as I know he’s lived a rough life, has been addicted to various drugs and doesn’t make more than what comes in his monthly disabilities check (which barely covers the most basic needs).

He came over and stood next to me asking me about my weekend. I mumbled a few things and looked back to the computer screen to get more prep done. He started to ask another question, catching my attention I looked over. He had his hands together and his eyes were closed, at that point I realized it wasn’t me he was asking questions to…he was praying.

He prayed, “Thank you Jesus for Joe, Greg, and that guy I just met with the long hair” He was talking about Tripp. He continued, “I thank you so much for Misiso, I love them and they love me. I pray for happiness for them and that they would know: I love that they care for me so much. Thank you also for the coffee and donuts. Amen.”

He didn’t string words of theological grander, he didn’t pray in arrogance or with a sense of entitlement. He went to God with thanks, with love and with a heart so big I thought it might burst.

Know that as a community on mission to love one another, to love St. Pete and to be a simple pathway to God…you’re succeeding. You’re living into the hopes and dreams God has for us and I couldn’t be happier to say that I am apart of this beautiful community!

Keep being awesome.

Keep Being Awesome!

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