Our Identity #5

The early Christian experience of God’s love for the world in Christ is presented with metaphors that awaken the reader to the Holy Spirit, these metaphors have been describe in the Pentecost event of Acts 2. This is the text we’ll dig into this Sunday to finalize our series on Missio’s communal identity.

God is up to something.
God is still speaking.

The text reads, that with tongues of fire and a rushing wind, these early followers experience the sensational wonder of God.

The metaphorical literary technique Luke (the author of both the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts) uses helps captivate the reader into the fresh working of the very breathe of God, the Spirit. The feeling of wonderment, astonishment and a deep sense of forgiveness seizes these early followers launching a movement of peace and justice – a movement of equality, inclusivity and newness of life.

This rushing wind opens up an unexpected newness in us all.

The questions I’ll be aking this Sunday is, how do we, 2000 years later, tap into this Pentecost story? How do we engage this deep movement of God’s breathe in our own lives?

Our Identity #5

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