What a complex word… at least it is now.

What is “The Gospel”? Now that’s an even more complex group of words, with an oft-complex definition.

In its original context “gospel” didn’t have such a complex countenance. It just meant “good news”. Yet, somehow through the years it’s become an extra terrestrial of sort. It’s the only word in the English language that truly is disputed over in circles of theologians and no-cluelogians.

There is this ancient text that has been called (more than 300 years after the life of Jesus) the Bible. In this Bible this man Jesus laid a foundation for the rest of humanity to understand what good news looked like, breathed like, felt like, smelled like, ate like, died like, and ultimately “risen” like.  In other words, Jesus wasn’t and still isn’t a platform for someone’s IDEOLOGY… instead Jesus’ life was spent “Being” for all of those who could not “be”… Graceology.  

Being the healer of the sick and outcast.
Being the chef for the hungry crowd.
Being the voice of reason for the religious legalese.
Being the encourager of the saddened.
Ultimately, being a glimpse of heaven right here on earth. 

It is because of this, that for me the Gospel doesn’t need a definitive definition (I love redundancy). After all that’s what makes the Gospel, gospel… It’s good news, and how do you define good news?

Well let’s try…

For my daughter it’s her mom and dad coming to her 5th grade graduation.
For my oldest daughter, it’s that there is something that will help her overcome her autism and be noticed for who she is.
For my son, it’s his dad taking him fishing.
For a student of mine at school, it’s going home… to a home.
For someone who doesn’t have access to clean water, clean water is good news
For some it is a wonderful glass of vino or beer …
Good news means you and I are freed to “live life to the full”.

For us religious cynics and “have it righters”… that sounds like a gospel of relativism. Relatively speaking… it is. Because in a world of indifference there is a God that has said and continues to say, “It is Good” news … and that news can and continues to take many shapes, sizes, smells, actions, and reflections. In other words…

Every time a life is created, “It is good news”.
Every time my children have their mom and dad with them or maybe they over come something, “It is good news”.
Every time someone has a place to lay his or her head, “It is good news”.
Every time someone is forgiven, “It is good news”.
Every time a sacrifice is made for the least of these, “It is good news”.

You see, it is this foundation that Jesus laid, the “Gospel” (GOOD NEWS).

The “Gospel” is living and breathing.
It’s alive.
It can be found all around us and in us.
Good news is hard to hide.

Every soul that is born has the breath of the Gospel breathed into it.

The gospel that says, your life has been made free through the grace of this “Gospel” (GOOD NEWS).

The GOOD NEWS cries out for you to long for good news while no longer imprisoned by a yoke of legalism, law, or action.

Instead, freed by the lawlessness of grace… freed to “live a life that is full”.

Freed to “Be” all God has longed you to “Be” and to that I say “Cheers”.


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