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This Wednesday night we’ll be looking at the Bible again. I think it will be helpful to continue this conversation as there is so much to be said on the way we read the text.

I’m going to welcome you into my brainiac and let you read my notes, sorry it’s nothing fancy but its got all the goodies: 

A historical approach is very illuminating. Language comes alive in its context. Moreover, a historical approach prevents us from projecting modern and often misleading meanings back into the past. It is a way of escaping the provinciality of the present. It recognizes that the Bible was not written to us or for us, but within and for ancient communities.  

– How does a historical approach act as an accountability structure for reading the Bible?
– What does it mean that the bible was not written to us or for us?
– Do you agree with the “historical-metaphorical” way of reading the text?

The Bible is a human product, not a divine one.
– How does this shape our understanding of what’s written in the bible?

The Bible includes experiences of our ancestors with God, their stories about God, their understanding of life with God and how we should live. But it’s someone else’s story – NOT God’s infallible, inerrant, and absolute story…
– Did God ever common that all the meant, women and children of our enemies be killed?
– Did God ever say that slavery was okay?
– Did God always forbid remarriage after divorce?
– Did God ever command that adulterers be stoned?
– Is Jesus coming soon, and will his second coming involve incredible suffering and pain for most
  of humanity – indeed, the destruction of the world itself?
– How do you react when you encounter these kinds of teachings in the Bible?
– How do you determine which teachings to pay attention to?

Join us Wednesday night at 6:15pm at the 5 Bucks Eatery and Drinkery at 247 Central Ave (St Pete).

Bible Talk – Community on Tap

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