A New Way of Nonviolent Love and Freedom

As we watch Tropical Storm Isaac move through Haiti and other areas south of us, we pray for those being hit by the storm.  May they find courage and strength to face this difficulty and may we, in generosity, open our hearts and wallets to them in the time of recovery.  Tomorrow at our worship gathering, we will be praying for the people of Haiti and one another.  We will also be continuing our series on the Letter to the Galatians from the Apostle Paul.

What is freedom?  What does the Apostle Paul mean by the word freedom?  What is the political context for his discussion of freedom in the Letter to the Galatians? These are important questions to ask as we examine the Apostle Paul’s allegory about the “free woman” and the “slave woman” in Galatians 4:21 – 5:1.  This allegory has often been misinterpreted.  If we understand the proper context for this allegory, we discover new insights about a new way of life in Christ, a new way of nonviolent love and freedom.

To prepare for our gathering tomorrow, I invite you to reflect on the following quote from Richard Rohr, from his excellent little book, Everything Belongs:

Inherent Unmarketability

How do you make attractive that which is not?
How do you sell emptiness, vulnerability, and nonsuccess?
How do you talk descent when everything is about ascent?
How can you possibly market letting-go in a capitalist culture?
How do you present Jesus to a Promethean mind?
How do you talk about dying to a church trying to appear perfect?

This is not going to work
(admitting this might be my first step).

A New Way of Nonviolent Love and Freedom

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