Year: 2013

holistic. MISSIONAL. christian. community. Pt 2

September 8, 2013,  we began a four week conversation dealing with what we hope will be the DNA of Missio Dei. There are four interwoven strands: Holistic, Missional, Christian, Community. Here is a recap of Joe’s talk on the second strand: MISSIONAL.  “Missio Dei” is a Latin term meaning “mission of God”.  (The phrase was […]

HOLISTIC. missional. christian. community.

Missio Dei is a “Holistic, Missional, Christian,  Community.”   September 8, 2013, at worship we began a four week conversation dealing with what we hope will be the DNA of Missio Dei.  There are four interwoven strands:  Holistic, Missional, Christian, Community. The first of the four strands is Holistic.  We read and listened to the […]

More ‘Valuable’ Relationships

More ‘Valuable’ Relationships  Most of us are very slow to change much about ourselves. Our ingrained habits are very difficult to overcome. We usually prefer to choose the easier, softer way, which means continuing the status quo. I want to share a process that has helped me to change some behaviors sooner and easier than I […]

Action and Contemplation: 10 Active Steps

Action and Contemplation: Following Jesus through the Economic, Environmental, and Religious Crises 1) Connecting to the Source of Love; Creating Plan for Healthy Self-Care and Stress Protection     a) Daily prayer, meditation, and spiritual reading and study     b) Healthy Self-Care and Stress Protection Plan    2) Get outdoors and open up to the revelation of Love […]

Unexamined Social Values

Richard Rohr sends out a daily readings I often find quite helpful.   You can subscribe to these readings by visiting this link: Here is an excerpt from a recent one that I found particularly meaningful: Hidden Social Agreements Remain Uncritiqued In Paul it is clear that the second level of sin, “the flesh,” is individual […]

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