Author: Greg Stevens

Jesus loves you this I know…

I ended today’s sermon (which was kinda like a college lecture hall…please forgive me as I learn to “preach” rather than regurgitate knowledge) with a quote from a book that has radically changed my understanding of Jesus’ saving work on the cross, and is a perfect image of “Option #3.” Dr. Andrew Sung Park writes, […]

A Sustainable Faith

In preparation for our upcoming conference, A Sustainable Faith, I will be blogging through the theme of the event, “ecology, incarnation and the interconnectedness of all.”  It’s going to be an amazing conversation with some awesome thinkers, authors, pastors, professors, friends and activists. A few highlights: Andy Bell – The Psychological and Spiritual Impacts of Climate Change: How […]

Maundy Thursday – what what?

On Maundy Thursday, Jesus ate with a bunch of working class fishermen, social misfits and so called “friends” – who would soon royally screw him over. In the traditions surrounding Maundy Thursday we sometimes miss the awkwardness that was thick in the room, and I don’t just mean the motley crew. Let’s be real, when’s the last […]

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